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DSL Setup for Intel Modems
(All Intel internal 2100,2200 and 3200 USB Modems)


If you do not have your CD or you are using windows XP, Click here to download the Intel PRO/DSL 2100/200/3200 Windows XP software and drivers. This process will take less than a minute.


Save the download.exe file to your PC's hard disk. In the example below, the file was saved to the "C:/TEMP" subdirectory.

NOTE: Make sure you note the location of the file you saved.

You can now upgrade your PC to Windows XP. After you have upgraded your PC to Windows XP, proceed with the software installation.

If you have upgraded your PC to Windows XP already, continue with the software installation.

Installing your Intel PRO/DSL 2100 modem software


Double click on the download.exe file you saved in the C:/TEMP directory.




Select YES.



Congratulations! You have finished upgrading your modem for Windows XP support.

Connecting to the Internet


Double click on the Intel DSL modem icon on your desktop.

 STEP 2 Insert your ISP provided user ID and password. Then, click "save this user name and password for the following users" and select DIAL.

NOTE: Type in your user name and password. The number you dial to will depend on the DSL service you have from Qwest. If you ordered DSL before 2002, chances are you are on the old CAP system and you would need to use 1,1 as shown above.  If you ordered DSL in 2002 or if you acquired DSL recently, you will be on the new DMT system and will need to enter 0,32 as your dial-in number.  If you are unsure you may contact Qwest at 888-777-9569 and ask them if your DSL is on CAP or DMT.


Check your System tray for the connection icon. If your connection icon is green, you are connected to the Internet.

NOTE: The system tray is at the bottom right corner of your screen. It is the box that includes the time of day.

 Congratulations! You have completed the upgrade process and are ready to browse the Internet.

  Check your mail from anywhere
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